Social Media Tip

If you’re ever involved in family litigation, DELETE your facebook pages. You wouldn’t believe the things that show up in court. “Oh, I never smoke dope”….Answer: “Oh, really?… then what’s this picture of you through the smoky haze sucking on an enormous bong?” Seriously, you never know what will be dragged out of the past…..

Choosing the Right Lawyer

How do you choose the right lawyer?

Family law matters almost always involve abnormally charged emotions as people deal with the fallout from failed relationships, anger, custody issues and money. It’s important to have a lawyer that can clearly explain what to expect from the legal process and give you confidence that your case is being handled properly, one that will tell you what you need to hear rather than just what makes you feel better.

The most important criteria is competence. It’s like surgery. Would you like a surgeon that makes you feel happy, or that gives you the best chance of survival? Experience Counts. Find out how long the prospective lawyer has practiced family law and what percentage of their caseload has been family law.

That said, personality does count. You need someone who is prepared to be a strong advocate and is willing and able to fight for the best outcome possible for you. Lawyers are people too (no, really!) and the middle of the process is no time to find out that you wish your lawyer were more agressive….. or not so agressive so as to have just made everyone angrier.

The best lawyers are those who can walk softly while carrying a big stick. Being able to tactically shift gears from cutting advocacy to a conciliatory tone is a gift possessed by all too few.

How do you find the best lawyer? Ask around. Reputations are built over time.