“Separation” simply means that you are living separate and apart from your estranged spouse or partner. Separation from your intimate partner may feel like the end of the world.

This is where a little information and advice can go a long way in preventing problems later on; issues like parenting arrangements and responsibility for debts, or dealing with joint bank accounts or credit cards should be considered very early on. Feelings of abandonment or rage can seriously cloud one’s judgment, and our experience in dealing with many such situations over the years will benefit you in having a professional, objective assessment of where to go from here.

Are you “separated” but still in the same house? These situations tend to be dangerously volatile. Children may be exposed to parental disputes, there can (and frequently are) situations of either sudden violence, or tactical allegations of assault in order to gain some advantage. Getting legal advice and direction can be extremely important to your safety and achieving a satisfactory outcome.


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